Early booking


The price of the “soft opening” promo package:

The basic price of an overnight stay in an apartment, for two people, with breakfast included and using the SPA center, in the “soft opening” promo period starts from €99 per day. Early booking brings you savings of €70 per night compared to the regular price.

  • There are a number of different types of apartments on offer, the price of a night depends on the area of the apartment, its capacity, i.e. the number of people staying in it. stay.
  • Additional payment for a third adult is €40 per day, children over 12 years of age are considered adults.
  • Additional payment for a child aged 6-12 years is €20 per day .
  • Children aged 0-6 stay for free in accordance with the available capacity of the apartment.
  • The listed prices do not apply to "signiture collection" penthouse apartments.
  • All prices are calculated in dinars. Before confirming the reservation and choosing the available dates, you will be shown the exact price, depending on the selected type of apartment and additional services.

What is “Soft opening” ?

“Soft opening” is a commonly known term that is widely used in the hotel industry (well-known hotel chains around the world have been applying this system for decades), and refers to the period of preparation for the final stage of the hotel opening , during which the hotel is open to guests, but not yet at full capacity. During the mentioned method of opening, the hotel staff is still solving all the challenges in work, training new employees, closely following the experiences and feedback of the guests. During the mentioned period, certain hotels limit the number of guests on a daily basis, but also provide special benefits to their guests.

Being part of the “soft opening”, in addition to benefits in the form of discounts / special service packages, means that you also have a unique opportunity to provide feedback to the hotel’s management team and thereby contribute to the improvement of service delivery.

What can I expect from the 21st Century “Soft Opening”?</p >

During the “soft opening” period, as our guest of honor, you will receive special price conditions and packages, which is our way of thanking you for the valuable feedback on the services provided, as well as for your patience and understanding, while we have already defined we raise mountain hedonism to an even higher level. What makes your stay special is the possibility of using exclusive offers that will not be available after the “soft opening” period, but also permanent benefits in the form of a loyalty program that brings you discounts and other benefits. Also, on this occasion you will have the opportunity to meet numerous celebrities and influencers who will be our guests during the “soft opening” period.

What does early booking mean and what period does it apply to?

By making an early reservation, you actually show a preliminary interest in the stay, thus you get the opportunity to be one of the first to find out the exact start date and reserve the desired period of stay, before our offer is available on booking and other booking platforms.

See you.

Ivan Vuksanović< /em>
General Manager 21st Century Spa & Wellness by Adora